What NOT to say when inviting your friends and neighbors to Central Church for Easter Services.

This Sunday is Easter, which is a great time to invite friends, neighbors and family to church services. People are inclined to attend on Easter if invited. The easy method is simply this: 

“Hey, this Sunday is Easter. I love Central Church and know we are going to have a great service. I’d love for you and your family to join me.” 

(Bonus stars given if you add: “And how about coming over for lunch following the service.” In a moment of full disclosure, “bonus stars” are referring to nothing in particular. Not jewels in your heavenly crown or anything at Starbucks, it’s just nonsensical fun.). 

 Here is what NOT to say when inviting friends to Easter Church:

1. Easter at Central Church is like eggs sunny side up with grits and gravy. (What does that even mean?)

2. If you come to Central Church on Easter Sunday you are entered in a contest to win a giant Easter basket. (Umm… no one will win an Easter basket—large or small–  for coming to Central Church).  

3. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir? The Beatles? Pavarotti? Adele? Tin-voiced, amateurs in comparison to our choir, band and singers!  We do have wonderful singers and musicians, but it’s not a competition. Those others can sing a little too.

4. Four out of five dentists recommend Central Church (that’s Dentine gum). 

5. Our pews are like lazy boys, only with no foot-rests; and they don’t recline or swivel; and there aren’t armrests unless you are on the end. OK… our pews are nothing like Lazy-boys, but come anyway.   

6. Get a picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Photo Booth? Yes. Easter Bunny present? No.

7. If you come to Central Church on Easter, Tax Day is delayed until Monday. (Tax Day is Monday whether your friend comes to Central or not).

8. If I fill a pew with friends on Easter, I get a giant Easter basket. (I thought we already established that no giant Easter Baskets will be given out for any reason).

9. Come to Central Church, our pastor is more hippity and hoppity than Peter Cottontail (I don’t believe that is true at all) 

10. Easter Sunday—if you ain’t at my church. You ain’t my friend. (Friends might respectfully decline your invitation. That’s OK. They are still your friend. Be kind, respectful and please don’t use the word “ain’t” in your invite.)

Ok… this is pure silliness. 

Inviting friends to Central Church for Easter Services is not silliness. Who knows? Your friends might join you, discover Jesus and be forever grateful that you cared enough to invite them to Easter Services.