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Dr. Frank Moore (Holiness Today, General Editor and Professor of Theology, Olivet Nazarene University) Endorsed My Book

“This new book by Rob Prince powerfully addresses some of the most troublesome questions of the Christian life as he takes readers on his personal journey of living with almost constant pain.  He uses his life experience to open a big window into demonstrating how we can have a vital relationship with Christ and a meaningful ministry in His kingdom work without having all of our questions answered about why good people struggle with innocent pain and suffering.  The book offers renewed hope and constant reminders that God is continually at work in our lives giving us daily victory!  I think every Christian who has experienced the dark night of the soul should read this book.” 

Chronic Pain: Finding Hope int he Midst of Suffering can be pre-ordered on or (Release date is April, 2014 from Beacon Hill Press)


Today is My Born “Again Again” Birthday

I have three birthdays.  I was born.  I was born again.  And then I was “born again again” (sort of).

On September 27, 1963, in beautiful Wayne, Michigan I was born (this year I learned that fifty is nifty!).  I was born again  (remember Jesus words to Nicodemus “you must be born again”) becoming a follower of Jesus sometime in the fall of 1975 (I don’t know the exact day).  Then I was “born again again” six years ago today. I say I was “born again again” because on December 20, 2007 I could have been dead dead.

Six years ago today, while sitting at my desk in Lenexa, I experienced a subarachnoid hemorrhage (I blew a head gasket, my auto mechanic friends would say). Doctors tell me that 50% of the people who have subarachnoid hemorrhages attend a funeral shortly afterwards (their own).  So today is a day I will always remember– even though I really don’t remember most of what happened that day.

It’s hard to take life for granted after a “wow-my-wife-coulda-been-a-widow” type of experience. I would never want to go through it again (I now know what a Rawlings baseball feels like when Miguel Cabrera smacks a home run out of CoAmerica Park). Still it’s been an interesting journey since that day (read: chronic headaches, many doctors, medications, physical therapy, diets, 30-40 Botox injections every three months, and the writing of a book that describes the whole deal). 

On the plus side, I’m closer to God than ever; I’m a better pastor; and I have a very smooth forehead. 

Given everything– I would not trade the experience.

Here’s what I have learned:  Life is a gift. God is good.  And He has a given me this gift of life three times (probably more than three with the way I drive-but that’s a whole other story)!

So today because of my “born again again” birthday I’m turning six. I won’t have a cake with six candles on it. No one will sing “Happy Birthday to me.”  I won’t get a card.  But I will be immensely thankful for God’s hand that was (and is) upon me.  The gift of life that I received six years ago today is the gift for which I am most thankful.

You don’t have to have a brain hemorrhage to come to the same conclusion.  God never guaranteed that we would skate through life without troubles, sorrows or brain hemorrhages (in fact, he promised “in this world you will have trouble.”) We are not guaranteed a pain free, trouble free life.  He made no promises about tomorrow.  So take each day that you are living and breathing; take every moment that you can love and be loved– as a blessing. Treat it as a precious gift.  

My book endorsed by Rev. Carla Sunberg (Co-District Superintendent, East Ohio District Church of the Nazarene)

“It’s amazing how God can use the migraine headaches of Pastor Rob Prince to teach us so much about the faithfulness of God.  With a dash of humor and a firm foundation of Scripture, Rob teaches us that even when physical healing does not come, Jesus remains with us in the boat of life!  In a world that seeks the easy answers for the problems of life, this book brings us to the rough places, about how a Christian deals with suffering. There is something for everyone in this book, whether a chronic pain sufferer, or simply a long-suffering follower of Christ.  Might we all learn what it means to persevere and become more than conquerors, even in the midst of our pain, and may our lives bring glory to God.”

Chronic Pain:  Finding Hope in the Midst of Suffering will be release April, 2014 and can be pre-ordered through or

Dr. Terry Tsue (Physician in Chief University of Kansas Cancer Center) endorses My Book

Dr. Terry Tsue (Physician in Chief, University of Kansas Cancer Center)  endorses: Chronic Pain– Finding Hope in the Midst of Suffering. “This book was a pleasure to read. It was a reflection of all our lives. It tells us that not only does our walk stray left and right, it is also filled with valleys and mountains. It shows us that we are not alone during every step of that walk if we try and abide in Him. He holds our hand and guides us with His perfect timing, not ours. By reading Pastor Rob’s journey, we see our own. Through his encouraging words about His actions, every reader will gain patience, comfort and hope.”

Five Happenings that Produce a Memorable Children’s Christmas Program

5)  A volcano-like eruption from one of the bed sheet clad angels as a result of the combustible mixture of  three candy canes, two donuts, a handful of peanuts, a cup of warm eggnog, the Christmas program jitters, bright lights on the platform, and a possible touch of a flu bug.  Simply put the angels will no longer be “sweetly singing o’er the plains.” (It will be more like barfing o’er the shepherds and wisemen). 

4)  The hoard of parental paparazzi toting video cameras and iPhones causes such a disturbance vying for front row seats fifteen minutes before the program begins that two ushers, four security team members and Sister Annabelle are forced to put a headlock on one dad and escort a grandpa out of the sanctuary by his Santa Claus neck tie.  Interestingly, the organist prelude music selection during the commotion is  “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.”      

3)   The Barn Yard Brawl.  When toddlers dressed up as cows and lambs for a cuteness effect in the nativity scene, begin to butt heats and act very much real cattle and sheep.  The ensuing brouhaha causes the bathrobe-wearing shepherds to become junior Rambos using their staffs to put down the rebellion; the angels run for the hills; and the wisemen lose their Burger King borrowed crowns.  (I will neither confirm nor deny that years ago a certain Olivet attending, freshman preacher’s kid was involved in such a scandalous Christmas production. I sincerely hope our poor program director has finally ended her therapy sessions).  

2).  Two words:  Pyrotechnics malfunction

and  1.)  When through the message of the Christmas carols sung and the parts recited– one (just one– although even more people would make the morning more memorable—still when one…) boy or girl, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, neighbor, second cousin three times removed, or anyone else discover that Jesus Christ really is “God with us” and that Christmas is all about God becoming man and displaying His tremendous forgiving love for all people everywhere. 



Dr. David Graves endorses my upcoming book, Chronic Pain (release date April 2014)

“I am one of the 45 million Americans who suffer from migraine headaches. I will never forget my first migraine headache when I was a freshman in college. I had never experienced such pain. I cried, I prayed, and I asked God to “take me on home”. My parents took me to the emergency room and after some strong medicine, I finally got some relief. Migraine medicine is now a part of my “must-have” travel medicine. Fortunately, my migraine headaches are now much less frequent. My friend, Rob Prince shares in an open and honest manner his journey as a migraine sufferer. He shares the lessons that he has learned in a humorous and Biblical way. Rob has a unique ability to find and communicate humor in all parts, even the painful parts of life. I would highly recommend this book for all those who suffer from migraines, chronic pain, or any disease. I would recommend the book to anyone who has a family member, friend, or spouse who experiences chronic pain. Pastor Prince addresses and answers some of the fundamental questions that we all ask when we go through difficult times or experience unanswered prayers. In the book, he gives insight into the Word of God and application to our lives. As you read the book, you will laugh, cry, pray, and most of all draw closer to the One who says He will never leave us nor forsake us.”

Dr. David Graves
General Superintendent

Pre-order Chronic Pain by following this link: