How to Wrap Your Mind around Advent in a Pandemic

When all is not well
When all is not right
When life is tiring, exhausting, frustrating
When avoiding people is easier than interacting with them
When staying in bed all day seems like a reasonable desire
When lonely
When surrounded by grief
When prone to wander
When feeling insecure, increasingly irritated and overwhelmed
When people are hidden behind their masks— Who are they? What are they thinking?
When people are suspicious, a coughing shopper is like starters pistol
When people disappoint with gossip or smugness or pettiness or meanness
When I am smug or petty or mean or any of those things I despise
When life seems like it will never be the same
When life is not fun… not fine… not fair.

Jesus came.
Jesus experienced all of our emotions.

Jesus knows…
Our sorrow
Our sickness
Our suffering
Our grief
Our frustration
Our loneliness
Our wounds
Our fears, doubts, depression, worries, and pain.

He came; He lived; He died; He rose and He calls us.
In spite of our all our unwanted baggage
…and having nothing to offer.
He calls us to join Him.
It’s not an escape
It’s not a free pass to miss the sufferings around us
It’s an invitation to join in the sufferings around us.

But not as before.
Not trapped. Free
Not afraid. Hopeful
Not weak. Strong
Not forgotten.

Here I am Lord, send me!
Send me to those who are just like me– people in need of you
Send me into the messy world for whom you came
Send me to sow your hope, peace, joy and love.
This Advent season, Lord, send me.

1 thought on “How to Wrap Your Mind around Advent in a Pandemic

  1. John Wagner

    Pastor Rob: You have a definite gift of the mind, heart and pen(aka-keyboard)! As always, thank you for your Blogs that jar the mind and encourage the soul! Your message today is “right on”, as always. Helping us to remember that Jesus too suffered much on this earth…and that He wants us to reach out, even in this messy world as you said, and help others…yes…even in the pandemic! Thank you! God’s blessings!🙏🏻 Jack & Lynda Wagner

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