Pandemic + Social Unrest + Election Year Posturing = Too Much

Too much hurting, not enough helping.
Too much division, not enough devotion.
Too much corruption, not enough justice.
Too much murmuring, not enough mercy.
Too much hostility, not enough humility.
Too much excusing shortcomings, not enough confessing sins.
Too much blaming, not enough blooming.
Too much shaming, not enough sharing.
Too much judgement, not enough joy.
Too much discord, not enough discovery.
Too much lying, not enough learning.
Too much force, not enough forgiveness.
Too much anger, not enough peace.
Too much “me first” not enough the “first shall be last.”
Too much excusing the past, not enough empathizing with the present realities.
Too much arguing over fault, not enough admission of failures.
Too much “I’m right, you’re wrong,” not enough “I’m listening.”
Too much passive aggressiveness, not enough patient gentleness.
Too much Facebook, not enough face time with the Lord.
Too much running of mouths, not enough walking in the other’s shoes.
Too much looking out for number one, not enough looking up to the Holy One.
Too much Zoom, not enough face to face.
Too much tearing apart, not enough building up.
Too much favorite news channel, not enough favorite Bible verses.
Too much platform building, not enough bridge building.
Too much brokenness, not enough togetherness.
Too much loneliness, not enough large-heartedness.
Too much “you’re my enemy,” not enough “we are family.”
Too much racism, not enough recognizing the multicolored children of God.
Too much wasted time, not enough redeeming the moment.
Too much venom, not enough vision.
Too much fear, not enough faith.
Too much opinionating, not enough facts.
Too much pontificating, not enough prayer.
Too much choosing sides, not enough choosing the Savior.
Too much hate, not enough hope.

The last three months have been too much!

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