The Perfect Halloween Costumes for Church Folks:

Worship Leader: A costume of the Worship In Song Hymnbook.
Apparently, he/she does know what a hymnbook looks like after all.

Church Treasurer: A Body Builder costume carrying a bloody turnip
No one can squeeze blood out of a turnip better than church treasurer.

The Casual Attender: Wearing Ugly Christmas Sweater, carrying an Easter Basket
We call it like we see ‘em—or call it when we see them.

Nursery Worker: NASCAR Pit crew member costume
The real quick-change artists work in the nursery

Facility Crew Member: Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman costume
They are the true superheroes of the church—keeping the church spic and span, smelling good and ready for our members and guests.

Church Office Secretary: Hollywood Make Up Artist Costume
A good office secretary makes everything the pastors give him/her look better.  She/he cleans up bad grammar, spelling and cover-ups his/her errors.

Church Pianist: A Lock Smith’s Costume
She/He can make the keys (on the piano) work in nothing flat

Youth Pastor: A Starbucks Barista Costume
Without Youth Pastors, Starbucks would have been out of business years ago.

Church Bus Driver: A Prayer Bench Costume
No one causes people to pray more than our bus drivers (It’s a joke—we’ve got great drivers)

Sr. Adult Pastor: A Pat Sajak and Vanna White costumes for the husband and wife ministry team
Don’t all seniors love Wheel of Fortune and our Sr. Adult pastor?

Greeter: A costume in the shape of a Welcome Mat with Matthew 10:40 written on the Mat
They are a welcoming welcome crew! (Look up 10:40 in the event you haven’t memorize the Book of Matthew yet).

Usher: An Erich Brenn costume.
Ushers keep more plates moving than the famous plate spinner (You tube him on the Ed Sullivan show)

First time visitor: Indiana Jones Costume
Like Indy, first time visitors are searching for a holy thing and hoping there are no snakes and rats inside

Security Team: A Bottle of Armor All costume
No one protects like our security team.

Lead Pastor: Handsomest man in the world (in the humblest sort of way, of course, from yours truly)
No costume necessary (who do you think is writing this thing?)


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