Articles of Faith Visual Aid


Several People have asked me about the Membership Packet used in our membership class. This is the visual aid that I think most people were requesting.

I’ve been told that it was developed by Stephane Tibi of the World Mission Department to explain the Articles of Faith visually to those illiterate or who spoke another language than English. I have used it for several years in membership class as we walk through the Articles of Faith.

6 thoughts on “Articles of Faith Visual Aid

  1. susanrmcpherson

    Rob Prince,

    Either your NMI president does not order the NMI reading books for your church or you don’t read them!! “Maps Beyond Geography” – one of the NMI reading books for 2018-19 by Stephane Tibi tells all about this visual aid and how/when he developed them. About the author – “Stephane Tibi grew up in France, a convinced atheist. He became a scientist, doing research in artificial intelligence. After becoming a Christian at the age of 25, he left his scientific work and studied theology in Switzerland and then in the USA, in Kansas City. He and his wife, Sandra, are Nazarene missionaries, having served in Africa for 10 years, and are now on the Eurasia Region.”

    NMI reading books gives one great knowledge about Nazarene World Missions and can introduce our church families to what the Church of the Nazarene is doing around the world….including great tools like the Articles of Faith Visual Aid.

    Thanks for using this great tool in your church.


    Rev. Susan McPherson West Texas District NMI council member

    1. Rob Prince Post author

      copy it from here. I first received mine from a friend who had worked in missions at the GMC. Don’t know where the original is. Someone told me they put it in a missionary book, but I don’t remember which one. Sorry.

      1. John Poling

        Hi Rob,

        Many thanks! And thanks for your blogging; you seem to be in touch with where we are as a church, and have a discerning ear.

        John Mark

  2. David Webb

    Thanks Pastor Rob for your blog, we enjoy it very much. Here is the website (done by Stephane Tibi) in order to download the articles of faith visual aid in multiple languages; This website also has a document to aid in teaching the articles of faith as well as many other resources. God bless!


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