A Better Mother’s Day Gift than Burnt Toast and Cheerios

On Mother’s Day, I would make my mom breakfast-in-bed. By “breakfast-in-bed,” I mean: burnt toast, orange juice and cheerios. I would have a jelly jar with hand-picked dandelions and a homemade card to garnish the cookie sheet that would hold the items listed. My mom always seemed thankful for the less than appetizing meal and not quite made-by-Hallmark Mother’s Day card. She conveyed an appreciated for the effort. She probably would have appreciated more my completion of any number of household chores that generally slipped my mind without parental reminders and threats of no allowance. But breakfast-in-bed was what she got.

At church on Mother’s Day, there were generally prizes for the oldest, youngest and mom with the most kids. I can’t remember my mom ever winning any of those awards. Often the ladies of the church were paraded to the front where they would sing the third verse of Such Love or some hymn.  Was this “special recognition” a prize or punishment? Once home from church, I don’t remember my mom ever sitting in the living room while the kids prepared Sunday dinner. The kitchen was her domain (Mother’s Day or not).

Mother’s Day consisted of a lousy breakfast, an introvert’s nightmare at church and making her own Mother’s Day meal. Lot-te-da!

Truth-be-told, I’m not sure any mom becomes one because of a Mother’s Day gift. Enduring childbirth and the hassles of raising a bunch of yahoos for a box of chocolates or a dozen roses hardly seems like a good deal. Most moms (sadly not all) are glad for this special, unique role and would do it all over again even without the dandelion bouquet.

To all ladies (mothers or not), no Cheerios or burnt toast, instead I offer the following:

  • If you are exhausted with all the duties that come with being a mom, I’m praying for your strength and cheering you on!
  • If you adopted a child or are a foster parent, thank you for your commitment to the lives of children.
  • If you are struggling with infertility, I am hoping with you and holding you in prayer.
  • If you are single, remember the Lord has made you completely whole!
  • If you are a single mom, I pray that the Lord provides all of your needs!
  • If you lost a child this year to death or miscarriage, I weep with you.
  • If your child is hindered by addiction or struggling with life, then I will take you to the One that specializes in bringing home prodigals.
  • If you are alone on Mother’s Day, the Lord is your companion.
  • If you are surrounded by loved ones on Mother’s Day, the Lord enjoys your delight!
  • If you grieve this Mother’s Day, the Lord mourns with you.
  • If you celebrate Mother’s Day, the Lord rejoices with you.

If Mother’s Day brings a smile or a tear, know that the Lord is forever on your side in all of the circumstances of life.

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