Not-So-Theologically-Deep Christmas Ponderings:

  1. If one knows more details about Han Gruber’s fall from the Nakatomi Plaza than Adam and Eve’s fall in the Garden Eden is remedial Sunday School attendance required for that person? (This question is for those readers who are convinced that Die Hard is a Christmas movie).
  2. Do Pentecostal snowmen ever pray for fiery Holy Ghost revival
  3. Is Home Alone a sequel to the Left Behind book series?
  4. Was the Apostle Paul thinking of mistletoe close encounters in the church vestibule, when he called people to greet one another with a ‘holy kiss”? (Central Church won’t have mistletoe in the foyer, but there will be a photo booth area for Christmas portraits starting this Sunday).
  5. If a certain pastor’s wife loves Christmas trees so much that she has placed twelve fake firs in the house; can that house be declared a National Forest by the Department of Natural Resources? (Asking for a “friend”?)
  6. Was “wee little man” Zaccheaus ever mistaken for an elf?
  7. Can Santa tell which stockings hung on the fireplace belong to Christians? Sure, they are the holy (holey) ones.
  8. Can a five point Calvinist “re-gift” an unwanted Christmas present or is their motto: “Once your gift… always your gift”?
  9. If shepherds can find a baby in a manger in crowded Bethlehem and Wisemen can travel from “afar” to find Jesus without the assistance of a GPS, why do so many folks have trouble locating a church on a day other than Christmas Eve?
  10. If wax is spilled on the pew cushion during the Christmas Eve Candlelight service by a careless worshipper, is that person automatically placed on Santa’s “Naughty list”?(Answer: No, but missing the Christmas Eve service places one dangerously close to making the list)
  11. Would old time Nazarenes have allowed Dancer and Prancer to become members?

On a much more serious note, in your theological musing moments this Christmas season I hope you reflect on the glorious words of John 1, when the apostle wrote: The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.  (John 1:14)!

Best. News. Ever!  No joke!

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