Mission-Minded Scorecard. How mission-minded are you?

If you went on a short-term mission trip last year, add 40 points
If you think eating at your favorite Mexican restaurant counts as a short-term mission trip, subtract 20 points

If you gave more to missions than you spent on sporting events or craft supplies, add 25 points
If your mission giving consists of tossing the change from your dollar that you received on a 98-cent candy bar purchase into the Salvation Army bucket, subtract 25 points.

If you pray for world areas on a regular basis, add 25 points
If while watching Travel Channel, you pray to hit the lottery so you can build a summer home in some exotic location, subtract 25 points.

If you participated in a one-day mission project (Mission Blitz, Convoy of Hope or Angel Tree), add 20 points
If you had other important plans on those days like rearranging the spare closet or counting your socks, subtract 20 points.

If you weekly volunteer at Dillon Elementary School, Carriage Town or Celebrate Recovery, add 30 points
If you live by the motto, “I’m not helping no stinkin’ kids,” subtract 30 points.

If you give two percent of your income above your regular tithe to missions, add 25 points.
If you spent two percent of your income on coffee, subtract 25 points

If you can name seven missionaries, add 15 points
If you thought Meadowlark Lemon of the Harlem Globetrotters is one of them, subtract 10 points.

If you heard a missionary speak within the last year, add 10 points
If you heard a missionary was speaking at church on Sunday and suddenly you developed a cold, subtract 20 points.

If you have prayed over your Mission Outreach Commitment Card and how you might participate in missions this year, add 20 points.
If you ask: What’s a Mission Outreach Commitment Card? Subtract 20 points.

If you scored above 100 points you are a missions Super Star! Thank you!
If you scored below 100 point you might need to work on your missions’ acumen.
If you scored in negative numbers, be warry for the fleas of a thousand camels may infest your armpits in the coming days.

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