Sizing up the Easter Crowd with an Important Message.

There were a lot of people in church on Sunday morning—the post-Covid crowd is not quite at pre-Covid numbers, but it was bigger than it has been the last few years.  Here’s the list of who was in church and my message for each group.

Out-of-towners (Visiting relatives, college students returning): Hey, glad you were with us and when you are in town: Keep Coming! 

Faithful-Every-Single-Sunday-ers: We couldn’t get things done without you. Until Jesus returns: Keep Coming!

Regularl-Attenders-First-Class (most always in church): We are blessed by you and all the things you do. Keep Coming!

Regular-Attenders-Second-Class (in church, if nothing better is going on):  Church is high on your list just maybe not at the top of the list, I hope you will see there is nothing better than praising Jesus: Keep Coming! 

Regular-Attenders-Third-Class (A stranger came up to me one January telling me she “regularly” attends church– I had never seen her before– she concluded, “Yeah, I attend Christmas Eve Service “regularly.” She wasn’t joking): Keep Coming— maybe even more “regularly.”

First-Time-Back-From-Covid-ers: Yup, these folks are still trickling in. “Welcome! You’ve been missed. Keep coming!

Been-Watching-Online-ers: Hey, glad you stepped in the building!  Keep Coming!

Still-Watching-Online-ers: Glad you are joining us, when ready: Start Coming!

Kickers-and-Screamers: I get it. You were dragged or “guilted” to church by a parent or spouse on Easter, but worship wasn’t so bad, was it? Keep Coming!

Used-to-Attenders: Don’t you miss it? Keep Coming!

Came-to-the-wrong-church-ers: Your friends invited you to their church; you got your directions messed up; and ended up in ours. It was not accident. Keep Coming!

Checking-you-out-ers: Hope you liked the service! If not try us again, you’ll like us next time (I hope). In other words: Keep coming!

Far-Far- Far-From-Jesus-ers: You sensed Jesus in the service, didn’t you? He is faithful and He was with us.  You might not even want to admit it, or maybe rationalize it away, but deep down, you saw something that was real, so: Keep Coming! 

To all who gathered on Easter Sunday my message is the same: Keep Coming!