Nine Must Read Tips for an Effective Easter Sermon (Non-preacher-types please read too)

An Effective Easter sermon DOES NOT have to be…

1.) Flashy. It’s not about you. It’s about Jesus. Make Jesus known, not you. Elevate Jesus, not you. Have the people leave thinking Jesus is great… you got it… not you.

2). Funny. You are not Jim Gaffigan. Don’t try to be. 

3). Fiery. The “turn-or-you’re-gonna-burn,” “comply-or-you’re-gonna-fry,” “shake-or-you’re-gonna-bake” lessons are appropriate for a food network special not an Easter sermon.

4). Fluffy. Preach the Word. Folks didn’t come to hear Oprah. They came to hear about how the One crucified, now alive, can change their life.

5). Flamboyant. It’s not about you. (Hey, Isn’t that the point in Easter Sermon Tip #1? Yes, it is, but another reminder might be needed. It really is not about you!).

6). Filibuster-like. Let them drink from a fountain of living water, not douse them with an over-wordy fire hose. Long sermons are the remedy to insomnia. Be No-doze, not melatonin.

6). Forget-me-not-able. Let’s not kid ourselves, people will probably forget what’s said before the last devilled egg is eaten. It’s OK. God will bring what the congregant must remember exactly when the lesson is most needed.

7). Faultless. You’ll probably make a mistake. Say the wrong word. Forget a point. Hey, you’re human. Don’t sweat it. The congregation is made up of humans too. The only One in the room not human, the Holy Spirit, can use or correct any of your blunders. Relax!

8). Fabulous or fantastic. Do your best. Study. Pray. Study some more. Pray even more than study. “Fabulous or fantastic” is not the goal, instead…

The Effective Easter sermon DOES have to be…

1). Faithful.  That’s all. Just faithful. Be faithful. The Lord will use your faithful sermon offering for His glory. That’s the point anyway, isn’t it? It’s praying, “Not my words, but Your words be heard, O Lord!”

P.S. No need for alliteration in your sermon as this article so cleverly (ahem) has been arranged around the letter “F.” Just organize, plan and preach in a manner comfortable to you and the folks who are in the room.

P.S.S. Hey, non-preachers-types who have been eavesdropping on this lil’ article. Encourage your Easter preacher. Before the sermon pray for the preacher. During the sermon say things like, “Amen,” “preach it” or “that’s right.” After the sermon, pray that God would continue to use the message for His glory; and before walking out the church door look at the preacher and give a “thumbs up.”