Questions Regarding Why Central Church is Meeting on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day

Central Church is having Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day Service?

Two completely different services?
Yup. Traditional Candle lighting on Christmas Eve. Unplugged Joel Close and family (and me) on Christmas day. 

Aren’t you “guilting” people into coming to church?
Hope not.

Christmas is about family.
No, actually, Christmas is about Jesus.

Doesn’t the church prioritize families and family time?
Families are important, really important, but as in all things, nothing comes before Jesus.

I don’t remember going to church on Christmas.
Christians have been meeting on Christmas Day (whether it fell on a Sunday or not) for centuries. In fact, it’s just been in the last 100 years or so, that some Christians have felt the need to NOT meet should Christmas fall on a Sunday. 

When was the last time Christmas fell on a Sunday?
2016. We had a Christmas Day service then too. A lot of people were here.

When is the next time Christmas will fall on a Sunday?
2033. We won’t be having this discussion again for eleven years (Three leap years are between now and then), and I won’t be pastoring when we do (I’m getting too old for these discussions).  

Will Jesus think less of me if I’m not there?
Nope. (See question on “guilting” people). Jesus always loves you.

Will the pastors think less of me if I’m not there?
Nope. (See question on “guilting” people). Pastors mostly love you too. 

Can’t the church take the day off when Christmas falls on a Sunday?
Help me out here…. Does the Bible say, “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy unless Christmas falls on a Sunday or unless your kid has a soccer game at 10AM or unless you really don’t want to roll out of bed or unless…” Well, you get the idea.

Doesn’t the staff need a break?
Our staff works hard, but we are a church and the church meets every Sunday to gather, celebrate, remember and rejoice the Good News that we serve a Risen Savior. Every. Single. Sunday. (unless we are in a pandemic and the government shuts us down).

My kids will want to play with their new toys.
They will still be there after the service

I’ve got to prepare a big dinner for the family.
Plan accordingly.

I’ve got a lot of people coming to my house.
Invite them to go to church with you.

Some won’t go.
Tell them, “we will miss you and don’t let the potatoes boil over while we are gone.”

My family will not understand if I am not with them on Christmas morning.
OK, make a decision. If it is better to be with them, be with them. But we are still meeting.

Will it be a good service?
Are you kidding me? It’s going to be a great service. 

Who is leading the worship portion?
Did you forget question #2? The Close family are leading.

Who is preaching?
Again, it’s in question #2. Yours truly.

Will it be a “normal” service?
Nope. Singing carols. A little preaching. More carols. Scripture reading. More Carols. More teeny tiny homily.  More carols. And prayer… it’s Jesus birthday, of course, we are going to talk to Him.

That’s a lot– how long will the service last?
An hour, maybe a little less. You’ll be out by noon for sure.

What times are the services?
Christmas Eve is at 5PM. 
Christmas Day is at 11AM (New Year’s Day is at 11AM too).

So why are we meeting again?
How would you like it if it were your birthday and no one showed up to celebrate?

I hope you can join us for BOTH Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. If you can only catch one of those services, Great! If you can catch both, GREAT GREAT! Bring friends!!!

It’s Christmas! Jesus birthday! Let’s celebrate!