Thank God on Thanksgiving from A to Z

Thank God for All things good and pleasing.
Thank God for Blessings both warm or freezing. 
Thank God for Candies, treats, and everything sweet.
Thank God for Delightful days with plenty to eat.
Thank God for Excitement to start the holiday.
Thank God for Family who’ll soon gather this way.
Thank God for Groceries that line our shelves.
Thank God for Houses to shelter ourselves.
Thank God for Ice Cream and any other dessert.
Thank God for Jellied rolls and calories I will insert.
Thank God for Kickoffs and football on TV.
Thank God for Lions (this doesn’t rhyme because the Detroit Lions goof everything up).
Thank God for Memories of parents now deceased.
Thank God for November’s wonderful holiday feast.
Thank God for Our family of weirdos and bumpkins.
Thank God for Pies– apple and pumpkins.
Thank God for Quick little bites off the grill.
Thank God for Relish and pickles, sweet and dill.
Thank God for Sauce – from a cranberry, of course.
Thank God for Turkey – enough to feed a horse.
Thank God for Unique holiday joys and traditions.
Thank God for Various subtractions and additions.
Thank God for Wonderful days and a great life.
Thank God for X-cellent planning by my sweet wife.
Thank God for Yawning– my old body needs a nap.
Thank God for Zillions of joys bringing this poem to a wrap.

But most of all… 
Thank God for Jesus and his great love and grace.
No rhyme… just the truth!

The End.

Happy Thanksgiving!