Show Up

Woody Allen is credited with saying, “80% of success is showing up.” (some sites have him saying 90%). When it comes to Spiritual Renewal Week 2022 with Dr. Dan Boone, here is my quote (it won’t show up on famous quotes websites): “100% of full engaged people will benefit from Spiritual renewal week at Central Church.” Or flip this quote around and it’s equally true: “100% of those not showing up to Spiritual Renewal services will receive zero blessings from the week.”

Brené Brown said, “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Regarding Spiritual Renewal Week 2022, it could be said: “Real Heart transformation starts with showing up and letting the Lord be active in our heart and mind.” 

Singer James Taylor once told an audience, “I can’t thank you enough for showing up. It’s not the same without you.”He was right. He would have been singing to an empty auditorium. In some respects, the Holy Spirit could say the same about next week to us. 

All of this to say, Spiritual Renewal Week 2022, is about showing up. Being ready and open to God’s working in our life and in our church. 

If Moses chose to ignore the burning bush, he might have died as an Egyptian fugitive on the back side of the wilderness. Instead, he showed up and history was forever changed.

If David chose to not take his brothers their lunches and had not seen Goliath and heard his taunts, the mammoth Philistine might still be standing in the Valley of Elah (although he would be very old). Instead, David showed up and history was forever changed.

If Nehemiah chose to not worry about the broken walls around Jerusalem, he would have died a nameless official in Susa, Persia. Instead, he showed up… and you know, history was changed.

Showing up. Being full engaged. Listening and doing what the Lord asks of us is the recipe for a great Spiritual Renewal Week. I hope you have cleared your calendars and plan on being at all the services this week. 

Will attending Spiritual Renewal Week 2022 change the world?
It might change your world. 
It won’t change anything in your world if you don’t show up.

Will you look back on Spiritual Renewal Week 2022 as a pivotal moment in your family’s lives? 
It’s possible.
It’s impossible if you don’t show up.

Woody Allen, Brene Brown and James Taylor were mostly right, showing up is biggest hurdle toward a Spiritual Renewal deep within your heart and life. Jesus, most importantly, said it this way, “Seek and you find” (Matthew 7:7). In other words, “Show up!”