Describe your Church in Four Words (Bad Answers Only)

If you were asked to describe your church in four words or less what would you say?

Bad answers only:

  • Disliking people unlike us.
  • Holy rollers since 1908.
  • Worst potlucks in town. 
  • Our Music is loud.
  • Our Music? A lullaby.
  • There’s worse preachers (maybe). 
  • Ain’t done that before.
  • Theological water’s shallow end.
  • Alert: There’s Boogeymen everywhere
  • Neither hot nor cold
  • Heaven focused. Earth? Unconcerned.
  • Unchanged decorations since 1975.
  • Only Republicans may enter.
  • Voting Democrat. Hating Trump.
  • Ignoring what bothers you.
  • Biblical Theology? What’s that?
  • Pretending everything is ok.
  • Been there, done that.
  • If gay, stay away.
  • Against most everything innovative.
  • Old fashioned, Outta Touch.
  • Making old people happy.
  • Making young people happy.
  • Making nobody happy (usually).
  • If it ain’t broke…
  • Love it or leave.
  • Theology via Oprah Winfrey.
  • We aren’t perfect, just act like it (and we can’t count).

Those are bad. I hope none of those examples describe your church. What are four good words to describe your church? Our answer at Central Church: 

Connecting People to Jesus.

That’s it. 
Four words.
That’s the goal.
Connecting people to Jesus. 

Everything flows out of those four words.
When we are connecting people to Jesus, guess what? 

  • We are better connected to Jesus. 
  • We connect with others too. 
  • We become the best neighbors. 

As we accomplish that goal, “Connecting people to Jesus,” our prayer (for God’s Kingdom would to come and His will to be done in Flint as it is in heaven) will be realized more and more. 

Connecting People to Jesus is an all-on-board proposition. One or two pastors can’t do this alone. Everyone must buy in for it to be a success. Today’s big question: 

How are you connecting people to Jesus?