My Prayer for the Upcoming School Year

Dear Lord,
I pray that this school year, we will see ….

Prayer not pressure.
Someone once said, “as long as there are ‘pop quizzes,’ there will be prayer in school.” It’s true. The state might dictate what can be done “in public” but it cannot eliminate a faithful student praying for his/her day, fellow students, bus drivers, teachers, administrators and everyone else. For many students, school is a stressful environment. Prayer is the remedy for undo life pressures in school or otherwise. Prayer. Not peer pressure. Not societal pressures. Prayer.

Victories not Violence.
Can you believe we need to pray for an absence of violence in our schools? Sadly, we all know violence is part of our new American reality. Let’s pray that not one school in the country is the victim of the insanity that has gripped our places of learning in recent years. Instead, of violence, let’s vow to see victories in academics, in mental health, and in personal development. 

Courage not cursing.
Facing academic challenges can bring courage to face those tests or bring curses of impending doom. Facing trying circumstances with courage and confidence is the road to success. Cursing today’s difficulties only leads to more troubles tomorrow. 

Bridge-building not Bullying.
Differences among people are a part of life. Race, religion, and socio-economics create differences. Some kids are into sports, others are in band or robotics, the list could go on and on. Being different isn’t the enemy. Our differences can bring a fullness of the American experience to those who determine to build bridges. Bullying, on the other hand, denies opportunities to learn and appreciate those who have faced life from a different point of view. The bully might win the moment, but the bridge builder wins in lifetime achievements.

Cooperation not competition.
 Competition has its place—in sporting events, in talent contests, in spelling bees. But cooperation should be a worthy goal in our educational pursuits. Working together. Seeing the contributions that others bring to the group is what is needed in our increasingly divided society. Let’s pray for more cooperation. 

Parental Involvement not indifference.
Good students need parents involved, interested and inspired to help their children reach their God-given potential.

Role models not rude modes of expression.
Teachers and coaches are no more or less perfect than you and me. They make mistakes. Say dumb things. Make bad decisions They are human in other words. But as we pray for the year, let’s pray that the adults in the classroom room, playing field or school bus display examples that the children in their care might want to emulate. Respect. Kindness. Empathy. Let’s pray that the adults display all the things that made them desire to be a teacher or coach in the first place.

…A school year where all God’s children will flourish and grow to new heights.