Is Fa666eBook the Anti-Christ?

When Fa666ebook went down for a few hours yesterday, that loud cheering you heard may have been coming from my office. Every pastor that I know was near giddy at the prospects that they and their church would not be taking Fa666ebook shots from the nuts, crackpots and antichrists of the world.

Only 1 John mentions antichrists (See 1 John 2 and 4). The folks, John mentions as antichrists (John uses mostly the plural form not singular) are the Jesus deniers in the last days. Seems like Fa66ebook to me. We can debate “the last days” another time, I just know that in the last 15 years, Fa666ebook has done more to harm the gospel of Jesus Christ than any other entity. If that doesn’t make it an antichrist, I don’t know what does. 

Every pastor I know has been attacked. Lies spread. Rumors started. Innuendo suggested all on Fa666ebook. Churches have split over Fa666ebook posts. Marriages destroyed and affairs started on Fa666ebook. Fa666ebook has contributed to the suicide rate as people see phony lives posted and believe their real life doesn’t match up. Do you know anyone who has changed their political leanings, views on the pandemic or switched an already-made-up-opinion-on-anything because of a Fa666ebook post? Me neither. Instead I know plenty who have ended friendships, walked out of churches, wounded pastors and others all because of Fa666ebook. Fa666ebook has done more harm than good.

Some will argue of the good on Fa666ebook. I like wishing “Happy Birthday” to my Fa666ebook friends too. Just yesterday, Fa666ebook informed me of a young lady who’s engaged to be married. From time to time, I will learn of a friend’s passing on Fa666ebook. Our church posts our services on Fa666ebook and there is a Fa666ebook prayer request page for crying out loud (literally). All true. But if I were the real Enemy (and some on Fa666ebook have suggested I am), I wouldn’t make Fa666ebook all bad. No one would participate if it were all bad. Make it good. Make it even mostly good. But then sprinkle in the divisive, corrosive, death inducing, antichrist (anti-Jesus) garbage that so many get caught up in. Seems like a slick strategy from the Father of Lies to me.

HYPOCRITE ALERT: You are probably reading this blog via Fa666ebook. I am on it. I send birthday greetings. I post articles like these. I share our church’s Sunday morning services in hopes that someone might find Jesus as they are scrolling along. Does that make me a contributor to the Enemies destructive plans? I don’t know. I struggle with it. I have a love but mostly hate relationship with fa666ebook. 

Is Fa666ebook “the” antichrist? No. Is it “an” antichrist? It sure can be. So be careful my fellow Fa666ebook users. Limit your exposure. Only post positive things. Be a blessing, not a curse. If Fa666ebook had been around in the first century Paul would have written Ephesians 4:29 this way: Do not let any unwholesome posts be placed on Facebook, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who read it. (Italicized and non-bold words mine).