The Enemy’s Scheme: DIVIDE and conquer

I was a whiz at math growing up. From an early age, my mom and dad had me counting– adding and subtracting. Math was a game for me. I loved it. In the fourth grade, I had a 12th grade math competency level. That led to my skipping over fourth grade and going directly from the third grade to the fifth grade. (It’s a long story, but my parents were not informed of this and did not want me to be in the fifth grade. I would have been the smallest fourth grader, so I was an extra, extra small fifth grader. As a result, I stayed in the fifth grade a second year. I may be the only kid in history to have been “double promoted” and “flunked out” a year of school). All this to say, I was good in math back in the day.

I’m not so crazy about it now–especially division. That seems to be our world’s specialty. Our Enemy will use anything possible to divide the church (see the debates over masks and vaccines as “Exhibit A and Exhibit B”). The devil’s strategy seems to be divide and conquer and he has been working overtime to accomplish this evil agenda. Don’t be a party to it, my brothers and sisters. The church must be united! Jesus said, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” (Mark 3:25).

Our world is crazy, angry, and in many ways a tinder box. It seems like folks are ready to explode. Moreover, people’s opinion on the things of God are at an all-time low. More folks than ever claim no religious affiliation. More folks than ever claim to be an atheist. More folks than ever are walking away from faith. In other words, the world needs true followers of Jesus more than ever. We must be united. We must always exhibit the love of Jesus. Let’s not lose sight of the Master!

We have a big job to do! Let’s add love to our world. Multiply God’s blessings. Subtract anything that keeps us away from Jesus and determine to not divide God’s people!