Confessions from an Obsess-er (“Obsessing” is a pastoral occupational hazard, here’s my list)

1) I worry too much about what other people say and post on social media

Like everyone, I fret too much about idiotic comments on social media from people I generally like and think are “good people” but have crazy takes on politics, religion and life. But my bigger beef is when people who have lunged a knife deep into my back later post holy platitudes on social media. Their posts don’t even have to be all that holy. They could be about butterflies and it sends a cold chill up my spine. I want to post on their timeline: “Liar. Liar. Pants on fire.” I want God to do something. He hasn’t yet. I want God to silence them. They are still posting, speaking, writing. I don’t want God to “lightning bolt” them, but infesting their trees with cicadas would be nice. I need to get over it. 

2) I worrying too much about what other people do (or are not doing)

Another big beef (especially true during the pandemic) is when people post photos of activities after saying that they can’t be involved in church or can’t be generous or make excuses of why they can’t serve (This happens all the time. All. The. Time.). People will do what they want to do. I can’t control their behavior, only mine. I need to get over that too. 

3) I get too upset over questionable denominational decisions

Denominations are made up of people. People are imperfect. The more people in the organization the more imperfect it becomes. Decisions are made. Sometimes I am aware of the reasoning, most times not. Does it affect me? It can, but usually not. Church politics (like Jumbo Shrimp) is an oxymoron. It happens. You name it. It happens. Ignoring sin. Tolerating ineptitude. Perceived deception. Questionable financial practices. Accepting (promoting?) bad theology. Nepotism. Cronyism. Glossing over injustice. Silence when they should speak. Speaking when silence is preferred. I don’t want to excuse such things, but I can’t obsess over it either. I need to get over all of that too.

4) I obsess over good things not the main thing

Speaking of obsessing, there are plenty of good causes. Lots of them. Injustices that need to be righted. Wrongs that should be overturned. Good that needs to be done. All true. But my main calling is to make disciples. Proclaim Jesus. If I get so obsessed with good things that I forget the main thing, then the main thing isn’t the main thing anymore. I can’t let that happen.

5) I am good at noticing slivers, not so good at noticing logs.

I’m good at seeing slivers in the eyes of other people. I can spot the tiniest speck. I should have been an optometrist. I’m not so good at noticing the log in my own eye. I could never have been a lumberjack. I need a little more confession, a little less judgement. A little more grace and a lot little less fault finding. A little more looking in the mirror and a lot less looking through a magnifying glass at others. I’ve got a long way to go. A. Long. Way.

2 thoughts on “Confessions from an Obsess-er (“Obsessing” is a pastoral occupational hazard, here’s my list)

  1. Earl Cushman

    Oh my! and here I have been bragging about you many places, and even in other States….I have definitely talked behind your back, but not in a bad way I don’t think !! …Unfortunately, I cannot, and will not, take back any of the words I said about you !.. “Holiness” causes most of the issues you are describing ! And a pastor that suffers from Holiness issues will have twice the problems.. A pastor given responsibilities in the Kingdom cannot look the other way, period ! If he, could, he is not a pastor… And then there’s that “holiness” issue that will simply not go away. It was designed by God to be a contagious,! an ongoing pandemic sort of thing, that spreads from one to another… Oh well! I don’t have your problem ! So; Best of luck with it ! ________________________________


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