To: Those Thinking of Leaving a Church

To:  Those thinking of leaving a church

From: A friend

“Don’t leave. We need you. We need each other.”

To the night owls who have thought I don’t need to put on makeup or wash my hair or wear pants to be a part of the on-line service: We need you in the church building (but please put on pants).

To the introverts who have discovered that watching the service on-line is better than being around people: We need you in church too.

To the disheartened who have overheard folks at a church say dumb or non-Christ-like things: We need you in church to say smart, kingdom of God things.

To the busy who have a million things going and catch the service on the fly as you’re multitasking all those other things: we need you in church with your full attention (cell phone in your purse or pocket, please).

To the horrified who have heard derogatory comments about other people (different than the majority): We need you to remind us that Jesus said he when he was a stranger (different), the ones who welcomed Him into their lives are the ones who make it to heaven. 

To the disappointed who have heard, “Money is king” or “a political party is king” or “a politician is king”: we need you to say, “Jesus is King.”

To the lonely who say, “no one thinks like me:” we need you to think like Jesus and encourage the rest of us to do the same.

To the discouraged who say the Church isn’t warm and welcoming: we need you to be warm and welcoming.

To the angry who have said, “Church leaders are (pick your term) corrupt, liars, hypocrites, prideful, inept or all of the above”: we need you to look in the mirror, see your faults, refuse to cast the first stone, and be a new, humble leader that can move away from any power-hungry, political-maneuvering, and self-serving tactics.

To those who’ve been hurt by a church and said all churches are the same: I’m so sorry for your experience. Churches are not all the same. Please come back and experience the healing waters of Jesus flowing upon you. We need you to be well once more.

To the doubters who have said, “If this is what Christianity is, I’m not sure I want it”: we need you! Jesus’ disciples included Thomas (he doubted too). Yes, we need you!

To the tired and weary who say “I can be a Christian without the church”: Jesus says, “The church was my idea, you really need to be a part of it.” And as a friend, I say, “Don’t leave. We need you. We need each other. See you soon!”

2 thoughts on “To: Those Thinking of Leaving a Church

  1. Merilee Williams

    “You got that right” is a very inelegant comment, but yes, you did! There’s probably a little bit of some of that in all of us that needed this good and gentle reminder.


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