A Summer Invitation at Central Church

It’s Invitation season. If you know a soon-to-be high school graduate then you’ve received one. There’s a happy smiling picture on the front (you’d be happy too if you didn’t have to carry a hall pass to use the restroom anymore) with details of the party on the back. You also know the routine. Show up at the open house (maybe there’s a tent, maybe not), there will be picture boards, trophies from the third-grade spelling bee, cake and a box for congratulatory cards. I eat more cake in the month of June than the other 11 months combined. Needless-to-say, I love the month of June! I love receiving the invitations!

Consider this your invitation for our summer sermon series based on the Book of Romans, The Gospel of God. There is no picture on the front (photos of the Apostle Paul are very difficult to come by these days). There will be no tent. No trophies. No cake. Technically there are boxes set up, but not for congratulatory cards, but for tithes and offerings (thank you for your giving, by the way!). Still, this invitation is for an exceptional summer journey.

The Gospel of God really means the Good News of God. That’s exactly what the Book of Romans is. It’s the good news story of God’s working in our lives. The Book of Romans is the most theological of the New Testament letters (bring your thinking caps and shovels, we will be digging in deep this summer). It is also the most inspiring, most promising and the most hope filled letter that Paul penned. 

Bring your Book of Romans Journals. Don’t have one? They are free. Get it Sunday in the church foyer, come by the church office or for you out-of-towners—contact Central church and we will mail you one. Bring a pen to write notes and circle important points. Be prepared for God to speak deep into your soul. 

Get your copy soon, before we run out!

This invitation is an expectation for what might happen. It’s an invitation for the summer of 2021 to be the summer that you will look back on and say, “I grew closer to Jesus than ever before in my life!” It’s an invitation to an everlasting, soul deepening journey. 

It’s also an invitation for you to be an inviter. Invite your spiritually curious friends to explore the Gospel of God with you this summer. Tell them that God is going to speak through this study. If they simply have an open heart and mind, they will hear from the Lord. Give them a money back guarantee. If your friends don’t hear from Jesus, you will give them back all the money they invested in the Book of Roman’s journal (they are free, remember). Tell them they will receive much more than a free journal, by the end of summer they just might receive a free gift from God Almighty. 

The series is called the Gospel (the Good News) of God! It’s an invitation to receive the best gift of all! For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 6:23). It’s going to be a great summer at Central Church!

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