In Trying Times… Try, Try, Try again!

Important information before reading below: English 101. The word “Try” can be a verb as in: “I know I can jump over this puddle if I try.” “Try” can also be a noun. “I made the jump on the seventeenth try.” “Trying” is an adjective too: “My failed attempts and wet pants from jumping the puddle was trying my patience.”

Try, Tried, Trying 

At one church I pastored, we tried to have a “Single Mom’s Day.” The day was designed to help alleviate all of the troubles a single mom might have. We advertised all over town that we had free oil changes for her car; laundry facilities; free haircuts for moms and kids; free counselling; play activities; a prayer room; and plenty of free food. He had lots of volunteers to make it happen. The whole shebang. We had everything we needed for a great day… except single moms. One lady showed up. One. We tried.

Those same volunteers, came back with a new idea. “We want to try a Biker Sunday.” They rallied the troops (mostly the same people from our failed Single Mom’s Day). We got the word out to the Biker bars: Games. Prizes and of course plenty of free food. The whole shebang. The day for the Biker Sunday arrived and it rained cats and dogs. Only a small handful of Bikers showed up. We tried.

Those volunteers were relentless. They wanted to do another Biker Sunday the next year. “It rained last year, pastor, let’s try again.” “Biker Sunday 2.0” was on. Those same volunteers and the same massive organizational effort was given to get the word out and have a great day. The big Sunday came and, believe it or not, it rained harder than the previous year (what’s harder than cats and dogs”? It rained “elephants and rhinos.” Even fewer bikers showed up. We tried.

Did I say those volunteers were relentless? “Let’s give it one more try,” they said. “Surely it won’t rain us out three years in a row.” Biker Sunday 3.0 was a perfect day. Hundreds of bikers showed up. There was plenty of food, games and prizes. Best of all, dozens of people accepted Christ. The first three failed tries were worth it. I’m glad the volunteers kept trying.

We would all agree this year has been trying. It has tried our patience. Tried our endurance. Even tried our faith at times. Trying times call for the followers of Jesus to keep trying and giving the “ol’ college try.”

Are you dealing with trying people? Irrational people? Keep trying to be kind. Have you tried to love an unlovable person? Keep tryingTried to forgive? Keep trying. Is hybrid school trying your fortitude? Keep trying to be focused. Are you wanting to throw up your hands and quit? Keep trying. Don’t stop trying. The verse that kept those volunteers going when Single Mom’s Day and Biker Sundays failed is a good verse for us. Galatians 6:9: Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

In these trying days, try, try, try again. Keep on trying! Don’t ever stop trying to live into God’s glorious future. Who knows the harvest may soon come if you give it one more try. Keep on jumping the puddle—you’ll make it to the other side!

1 thought on “In Trying Times… Try, Try, Try again!

  1. John Wagner

    Hello Pastor Rob: Thank you for another wonderful ,true and “spot on” Blog. It reminded me of two sayings my Parents would say to myself and two brothers they were raising: 1) “If at first you don’t succeed…try and try again!” and 2) “The 3rd time is the charm!” But now I have the Galatians verse to support my Parents’ efforts.🙏🏻Thank you again. Jack Wagner

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