Make Christianity Christian Again

This really isn’t a political post, so please don’t read it that way. It’s written to my follow believers no matter how they voted and which party (if any) they support.

Like you, I have seen over the course of the last several months Christians behaving badly. This was most recently demonstrated over and over again in the news clips of people storming the Capitol Building some carrying Jesus banners, crosses and wearing Christianese paraphernalia. I have seen videos of pastors praying for curses to be brought upon those who disagreed with their political view. Some Christians, even well-known Christian leaders, have been guilty of spreading false rumors. Others have called for insurrection and extoled the use of violence in the name of Jesus. I’ve seen white supremacists and those blatantly exposing racist attitudes declaring a devotion to Jesus (sometimes in the same sound bite). If Jesus were still in the grave, he’d be rolling over. Instead, surely Jesus is disgusted by what has been done in his name by a few nut cases and a few whose eyes are no longer fixed on Him. 

Here’s the problem, like you and me, my non-Christian friends and acquaintances have seen this unsurely business too. They have seen the minority of Christians behaving badly, thinking this is all of Christianity and have said a big “Thanks but no thanks” to anything related to Christians. If we define “Christian” as being a follower of Christ, then we need to start acting like Jesus. We need to modify the campaign slogan of four years ago. Let’s “Make Christianity Christian Again.”

Let’s preach, teach and live out the lessons of Jesus. Let’s pray for those who disagree with us (our enemies). Let’s refuse to curse those who curse us. Let’s be peacemakers. Let’s love people—all people. Let’s not be afraid to eat with the “tax collectors and other sinners” of our day. Let’s be a good neighbor. Let’s not cast the first stone, and yet still be bold and loving enough to say, “Go and sin no more.” Let’s bring healing and help. Let’s be quick to forgive and quicker to seek forgiveness. Let’s be slow to speak, slower to anger and slowest at being first. Let’s pick up the basin and towel and serve. Let’s remember to also pick up our cross daily. Let’s be like Jesus. Let’s Make Christianity Christian Again. 

1 thought on “Make Christianity Christian Again

  1. John Wagner

    Very well said Pastor Rob! Thank you for keeping us focused on what it means to be a Christian…especially during these troubling times. Jack Wagner

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