Is Jesus’ Presence in all the Rooms of your House?

I’m theoretically switching internet providers and yesterday I received the new modem which provides fast home internet (theoretically). It’s a little white box about the size of an Oreo cookie package. There are indicator lights to let me know if it’s plugged in and operating. Theoretically, one plugs the gizmo (I hope my technical language is not confusing you) into a wall outlet and before you could say, “Goodbye Comcast,” the great world wide web is throughout the house (this is what the friendly sales representative presumably from a call center located near the Taj Mahal assured me). 

The use of the word “theoretically” in the previous paragraph is because I have yet to find a spot in my lovely 1687 foot ranch where the signal strength is above “Weak,” and most usually it is considered “Poor.” There are five different options of signal strength—Great (apparently your home must be located directly underneath a cell tower to achieve this level of internet strength): “Very good” (your home’s proximity to the aforementioned cell tower must be about the distance a kindergartener can throw a Frisbee against the wind); “Good” (you must be able to see the cell tower from your back porch); “Weak” (if the wind is blowing in the right direction and if the sun is shining and if the cell tower does not have any birds sitting on it, then you may for a brief passing moment have a “Weak” signal in your home); and “Poor” (this is the status that we “enjoy,” which is great to hear if you are asking your doctor “What are my chances to develop bubonic plague?” but not–so-great if you are asking your little white internet provider gizmo the strength of your internet signal). 

I tell you my internet gizmo woes because I wondered: What if we had a little thingamabob (sorry, more technical talk) that determined the strength of following after Jesus throughout the rooms in our house? How much is Jesus influencing these areas of our lives?

For instance, Is Jesus the Lord of my….

  • Living room? Does my TV viewing glorify him?
  • Kitchen? Does the talk around the dinner table indicate our love for one another?
  • Office? Is my computer safe from harmful websites?
  • Bedroom? Does my marriage reflect the words “Holy Matrimony” for better or worse?
  • Bathroom? Do I allow the Spirit to shower over me his presence in all areas of my life?
  • Basement? Are the things I keep stored away—burdens, hurts and unforgiven pains or is it filled with blessings and memories of the times when God carried me through the storm?

Would an imaginary “Jesus indicator Box” reflect a Great, Very Good, Good, Weak or Poor presence of Jesus in your life?  My prayer is Paul’s prayer to the Ephesians: 

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. Ephesian 3:16-17

May Jesus’ power be at work deep within our hearts, so that whatever room in which we find ourselves the “Jesus Presence Indicator” would be “Great.”

1 thought on “Is Jesus’ Presence in all the Rooms of your House?

  1. Earl Cushman

    Very nice blog, with an extra nice prayer !! ..My house I am satisfied with, the basement is acceptable as long as I don’t move boxes or anything. Can’t be sure what is behind some of them… Shalom !


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