2020 Fatigue-itus Remedy Plan

If Laffy Taffy were making jokes for their candies based on 2020 these would not make the cut: 

What do you can a black and white bear doctor? Pandemic

What did Princess Leia say to Commander Solo when he was looking good in his uniform? Wuhan

How did the camera crew abbreviate the old film of former Olympian Sebastian Coe?  Covid

How did the camera crew abbreviate the new recording of tennis star Coco Gauff? Cocovid

What do you call a hungry college freshman racing through an exam before the cafeteria closes? Rapid Testing

What do you call four glasses of Ovaltine? Quarantine

What did the other letters call the second vowel with a bladder condition? PPE

What do you call an old Mazda commercial in the back ground of a teleconference call? A Zoom zoom zoom

What is another name for grown men name calling, stretching the truth and being mean? Presidential Debate

Those are all dumb (the last one is sad not funny). 

Anyone sick of 2020?  Me too. Anyone afflicted with the new disease (not COVID-19 but…) 2020 Fatigue-itus? I’m weary of hearing about pandemics, elections, isolations, quarantines, PPE, virtual learning, Zoom meetings, people unable to gather or locked in nursing homes, social distancing and all of the rest. If I am about to enter one more store only to discover my mask is back in my car, I’m going to scream! Can I get an “Amen!”?  

We have three months to turn this year around. How are we going to do that with an election looming and more people being afflicted by Covid-19 daily? While we might not be able to make a vast difference, we can determine to do our part. 


Pray. Love. Refuse to be sucked into the ugliness of the day. Pray some more. Dream. Write a note to a senior citizen. Vote. If able, get to church. Take a neighbor a plate of cookies. Socially distance from social media. Buy a child an unexpected gift. Did I mention pray? Go for a walk. Text some teenagers a Bible verse and tell them that you are praying on their behalf. Enjoy the fall colors. Read a Psalm a day and from the Gospels too. Eat ice cream. Watch funny dog or cat videos. Tell someone about Jesus. Call an old friend. Find a reason to laugh every day. Boycott the news. Oh yes, don’t forget to pray. 

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