What if the Coronavirus transforms the Church (in ways we couldn’t expect or predict– a Pessimistic Optimist’s View)

What if we never go back to “2019 Normal”?
What if covid-19 kills live in-person sporting events?
What if gathering in large groups becomes a thing of the past?
What if colleges go to on-line instruction only?
What if someone takes your temperature before entering a building?
What if wearing masks becomes a way of life?
What if the way we “do” church never goes back to the way it was?
What if the coronavirus kills the mega church era?
What if believers were to meet in small groups instead of mass gatherings?
What if churches moved from massive buildings, massive debts and multiple staffs to small intimate gatherings in every neighborhood and apartment complex?
What if preachers sermonizing to an iPhone camera instead of a congregation was the new pulpit and means of proclamation?
What if group Bible chats on-line became the new discipleship method?
What if one-to-one seasoned Christian mentors became the most needed and valuable church resource?
What if parents took on the role of spiritual leaders instead of relying on children’s and youth pastors?
What if the priesthood of all believers took on a new deeper, richer meaning”
What if God transforms the “new normal” into a better, cheaper and more fruitful means of spreading the Gospel?
What if Covid-19 brought a revival like we could have never foresaw or envisioned?
What if we look back on the days when we all gathered and worshipped together with great fondness, but still were rejoicing at the millions of new converts?
What if we trust in the God who saw Jesus upend the religious authorities in the first century and Martin Luther shake the church world in the 16th Century and Covid-19 usher in a new church era in the 21st Century?
What if we continue to believe Jesus words in Matthew 16:18 (I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it) even if the Church looks very different than what we have ever known?
What if things never go back to the way they were and we concluded that the new way of doing church was more effective in making Christ-like disciples than the old way of doing church…

and isn’t that the point of the Church— making Christ-like disciples?

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