Five Quarantine Don’ts and Five Quarantine Dos

Don’t think you should use hand tools just because you have tools. I have a hole in my thumb proving this truth.

Don’t think you should use electric hair clippers just because you have electric hair clippers. I have a bare spot on my head proving this truth.

Don’t worry about being polite to inanimate objects. This week after asking Siri for a phone number, she responded, “Is that the one you want?” I replied, “Yes. Thank You.” I said, “Thank you” to my phone. MY PHONE!! I’m worried I’m turning into Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Don’t play Racko with me. I have beaten Karla so many times in Racko during the quarantine, she’s developing a complex. If when you see me next I have Racko card stuck in my ear, you’ll know we should have started to play Yahtzee.

Don’t give the Salvation Army a puzzle of CoAmerica Park, that is your husband’s puzzle that he never had time to put it together, but now he does have the time to put it together, and when he looked and looked and looked for the puzzle in the basement but couldn’t find it, only to learn that his wife gave it away to Salvation Army and he was very sad to learn this news. (I know that was a long run-on sentence, not having a puzzle to put together during a quarantine time will cause you to lose your writing skills. Trust me.

Do count your blessings. It’s easy in quarantine to count all the things you can’t do. Count the things you can do!

Do phone a lonely senior citizen or a needy friend. They need to hear a voice. Even if it’s over the phone. They need to know someone is thinking of them and praying for them.

Do grow in the Lord. Use this time wisely. Read your Bible (there is only so much Netflex a person can watch). Pray for everyone you know.

Do remember Genesis 15:1. God’s word to Abraham and us: “Do not be afraid…. I am your shield, your very great reward.” I will be preaching from this passage on Sunday morning.

Do join in our live broadcast worship. Don’t forget to Worship each week. Hey, that reminds me of one last “Do”…

Do “share” the livestream feed with your friends on Facebook. Not all your Facebook friends are Christians, invite them to join in worship.

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