UGH… and this is why we need Lent

Reports are that another religious leader fell this past week. He had been called a saint. Then this. He allegedly had an affair with a woman to whom he was giving “spiritual counsel.”



No. No. No. Please not again. This time it’s sexual sin. Next time it might be lying or pride or slander or unhinged anger or over-the-top selfishness or greed. You know, the usual suspects.

How can this happen again and again?  When does it stop? Why doesn’t it stop?

Because sin is sin and sin is real and the devil doesn’t stop and temptations don’t stop and cover-ups don’t stop and I know this is a run-on sentence because like sin, our enemy the devil, doesn’t quit he doesn’t stop he’s relentless and until Christians remember this there will be more stories like this until Christians remember that sin is ugly, really ugly and we need to rely on Jesus every minute of every single day and live in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Did I already write “Ugh”? I did? Good. Because that’s how I feel right now, “Ugh!”

We don’t like these stories because we know (deep inside us) we know it could be us. We are one stupid, sinful moment away from ruining our lives, our families and damaging the Church of Jesus Christ.

Too often people we love and respect disappoint us. Lord, be my mentor.
Too often we walk too close to the line. Lord, moves us closer to you.
Too often we lose sight of the mission. Lord, give us clear vision.
Too often we believe what others say about us. Lord, help us to be humble.
Too often we think it couldn’t happen to us. Lord, Jesus, remind us that you too were tempted.
Too often we rely on our strength. Lord, I am weak; You are strong.
Too often we think holy people need not confess. Lord, teach us that the most holy people confess more and more.

Too often writers like me write articles like this after something like this has happened and then we forget all about something like this until something like this happens again.


Lord, help me to remember. We need you! I need you. I need to remember that I need you. I need to remember that a part from you I am lost. I need to remember that I am not the sum of my appetites. I need to crave you and only you.

And this is why we need the Lent.



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