The Dos and Don’ts of Thanksgiving

Do eat turkey. Rumors exist that there are some un-Americans among us eating pork or steak on Thanksgiving. Turkey is so yummy, someone named a country after it. Check any world map, you will not find a country named Sirloin or Bacon, but between Greece and Azerbaijan you’ll see Turkey.

Don’t expect the Lions to win on Thanksgiving. If they win (that’s like saying if Jupiter falls out of orbit and smashes into Neptune), make sure your heart is ready. A Lion’s victory might be one of the signs that the Second Coming is near.

Do eat canned jellied cranberry sauce. I read this week that canned jellied cranberry sauce is the least favorite Thanksgiving food. One more indicator that our country is being taken over by communists!

Don’t call the food inside the Turkey “stuffing.” Stuffing is what’s in your pillow and teddy bear. My mama calling it dressin’ (no “g”) and it was delicious!

Don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving’s sin is gluttony not greed. (That’s only partly in jest… Say “no” to gluttony and greed!)

Do cover your pumpkin pie in Cool Whip. There is no such thing as too much Cool Whip on pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. I’m sorry for the mixed messages concerning gluttony (see above comments), but Cool Whip on pumpkin pie is quite delicious).

Don’t break the turkey wishbone with a friend and wish that the Detroit Tigers will be watchable in 2020. Don’t waste a perfectly good wish on the Tigers. No amount of wishing can help our Motor City Kitties. I know, I’ve tried. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Do include someone at your Thanksgiving table that might be alone this year. Is there an elderly or single person that might not have a family to celebrate the holiday? It’s not too late to Invite them to join you.

Don’t mention words like “impeachment,” “politics” or “CNN” or “Fox News” as the family gathers on Thanksgiving. All such utterances are words non-grata for a happy family gathering.

Do offer prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude. Even the most troubled among us have reasons to be thankful. Count your blessings not your problems.

Don’t miss what God is doing. God is working. He has plans for you. Good plans. Don’t let problems, diagnoses, worries or troubles divert your attention from God’s great love. Be grateful in all times. (see below).

Do memorize 1 Thessalonians 5:18: Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Thanksgiving is in one week. My prayer for you and your family is that this year’s version will be your best Thanksgiving ever… not because of the food around the table or football on TV, but because the Savior’s love is filling your heart and home.

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