Do What Jesus Did

Do you remember back in the 90’s when the rubber WWJD bracelets were all the rage among church folks? WWJD, of course, stood for What Would Jesus Do (not Wild Weekend of Jack Daniels as some college students tried to change it). What if we didn’t simply surmise what Jesus would do, but actually did what Jesus did? What if our bracelets had the initials DWJD (Do What Jesus Did)?

So, what did Jesus do? Maybe better stated what did Jesus do often that we can do too? Of course, Jesus did many things (heal the sick, duke it out with the Pharisees, eat dinner with tax collectors and other sinners, etc.) but the only reference to Jesus doing anything “often” is in Luke 5:16 that says: But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

Hmmm… the person who arguably needed to pray the least (remember Jesus’ business card reads: Jesus, Son of God), often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Maybe if you and I (who by definition need to pray considerably more than Jesus) prayed more, we’d see more of God’s power at work in us and through us.

Do not hear me say, “You need to pray more!” Instead, hear me saying, “I need to pray more.” I do. Ask my wife what I do “often” and she’d might say, “Rob often watches sports.” Ask my neurologist and he’d say, “Rob often has migraines.” Ask my boys, and they’d say, “Dad often tells us how nice Michigan is in an effort to get us to move.” But I want to be known as praying often. I don’t think I’ve reached the “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) threshold, but I’ve decided to pray more lately. It’s been good. Really good.

It seems so simple. If we truly want to be more like Jesus, then we would do what Jesus often did. We’d pray more. We’d all pray more often than we currently do. As we pray more, we’d probably see different results in our evangelism, mission efforts, if you’re a preacher in your preaching or teaching, in our families and in our lives. Let’s start a campaign to begin wearing DWJD– Do what Jesus did.

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