Your Pre-Easter MUST Do List (with appropriate hashtags provided)

  1.  Make sure the family has coordinated outfits for the Easter Photo Booth at Central Church. #SayCheese #easteratcentral2019
  2. Invite a Friend to Central Church’s Easter Celebration Services. #JoinMeAtCentralChurch
  3. Taste the jelly beans, peeps, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, Lindt chocolate carrots, Nerds’ bumpy jelly beans, Whoppers’ robin eggs, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, and Russel Stover’s marshmallow eggs just to make sure that they haven’t gone bad.Remind yourself you are making this “sacrifice” for the children. #BetterSafeThanSorry
  4. Hide eggs. Hint: Do not put them where curious dogs, cats, raccoons, mice or any other creatures in God’s Kingdom (including candy-starved dads) might find them. If the kiddos open up the plastic eggs and like the Easter tomb find nothing, there could be a riot. #HideThemInAnEggCarton #ThePerfectHidingSpot
  5. Invite a family member to Easter Services. If family members experience the Resurrected Jesus then you can stop the not-so-effective rhyming evangelism strategy. #TurnOrBurn #ShakeOrBake #ComplyOrFry
  6. Practice saying, “He is risen, indeed!” There is nothing more embarrassing than following the pastor’s declaration on Easter morning that “He is risen,” for someone to loudly asks, “He’s a raisin?” #HeIsRisenIndeed #EasterTradition
  7. Lilly allergy? Take your meds. (There will be a few lilies in the sanctuary, because everyone knows that Easter and Lilies go together like deviled and eggs) #AhhChoo
  8. Invite a stranger to Easter Services. Didn’t Jesus say, “I was a stranger and you invited me in (to Central Church)”?  Maybe not those last three words, but he did say the first part. #Matthew2535 #DoingWhatJesusSaysToDo
  9. Find your Easter Bonnet in the old trunk in the basement, put it on, get your kids and tell them a story beginning with this line (they love it when you say this, by the way): “When I was your age…” #WalkedToChurchUpHillBothWaysInWaistHighSnowWearingMyEasterHat
  10. Invite an enemy to Central Church for our Easter Celebration.#EnemiesNeedJesusToo

Here’s the Shorter version of your Pre-Easter Checklist: INVITE, INVITE, INVITE, INVITE!!!

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