The Enemy HATES what’s happening at Central Church

(The following is what I wrote to our leaders this week in my weekly weekend recap. I thought all Central folks might want to read it too):

Let’s be clear on this one: The Enemy HATES what is happening at Central Church!

He HATES it.

He HATES that people are seeking Jesus.

He HATES that we are focusing more and more on our community (He’s no dummy. He knows that when the lonely and lost in our community find Jesus they will tell others… who will find Jesus and then tell others… and so on and so on and so on).

He HATES that the Peak Building is now in constant use.

He HATES that our Age-Level team is working together better than ever.

He HATES that we have over 300 people involved in the Community Bible Experience.

He HATES how so many people are being helped in ministries like Divorce Care, Grief Share and Celebrate Recovery.

He HATES that we are involved in the GROWING YOUNG initiative and that we are committed to seeing Central Church make a difference to today’s and tomorrow’s generation.

He HATES reports like I heard this week how an alcoholic daughter of a member of Central is tuning into the Livestreamed Services every week and that she is making life changes as a result.

He HATES that we are going on the offensive and that the Gates of Hell are being stormed as we are rescuing the perishing!

He HATES all of it. So…

Don’t be surprised if petty arguments begin to pop up.

Don’t be surprised if some folks get their eyes off the prize.

Don’t be surprised if the enemy attacks.

Did I mention HE HATES WHAT’S HAPPENING at Central Church?!

Do your best to avoid getting caught up in petty arguments or discussions. Stay away from them. Run away if need be.  Keep your focus on Jesus. In everything we do– in everything we are about—we must be ALL about Jesus.

Paul wrote Timothy good words for us to remember:

Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. (2 Timothy 2:23).

Keep praying that God’s will is done and His Kingdom comes in Flint as it is in heaven!

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