I hate what politics is doing to our America

I hate what politics is doing to our country. I hate how politics have made us look at our fellow Americans.  I hate how political talk has pushed everyone to their respective corners ready to fight anyone who might slightly disagree.  I hate how politics have made us so unkind, untrusting and uncaring.  Blue and Red are equally to blame. The tactics used by one side today and decried as evil and horrible by the other side, were used by the other side yesterday when (in their minds) their actions were completely justifiable.  The hypocrisy would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious and sad. The divisiveness that exists is discouraging and dare I say it unpatriotic.

Our Founding Fathers envisioned a separation of powers, they didn’t envision a separation of peoples. They referred to us as the “United” States of America not the “Divided” States of America that we have become. Such division and vitriol should cause people of faith to cry out to God to heal our land of this scourge. We need to constantly pray that God’s kingdom (not the Red or Blue kingdom) come and God’s will done on earth (in America) as it is in heaven.

It’s just a fact with 325 million people living in the country, we will not always agree. But in our disagreement, do we have to be so disagreeable?  Do we have to vilify the other?  Do we have to use harsh and critical words?  Do we have to be so quick to get angry and so slow to listen? Is there no room for love or compromise?

Social media has not made the lame walk, but has given a platform for the dumb to speak. Cable news driven by advertising dollars and talking heads (shouting heads) have helped create this mess. Unfortunately, Christians are not immune from jumping into the fray. Too few honorable people have stepped up and said, “For the good of the country this must stop.”  Too many people of faith have added fuel to their respective side’s fire, instead of following Jesus lead of being full of grace and truth. We have been all too eager to be bearers of truth (from our perspective) but have not been dispensers of grace. Too often we think Jesus said to disgrace our enemies instead of loving them. May God help us.

May God help us to be the salt and light that Jesus called us to be.  May we refuse to see our neighbors as the enemy but look on everyone no matter their political leanings as people loved by God.  May we regain the courage to be people of faith in this time of political divide.


2 thoughts on “I hate what politics is doing to our America

  1. Buddy Cook

    Amen Rob! Political discourse, particularly on social media, has become a free-for-all of opinion and negative rock throwing. We no longer discuss and debate to find solutions to our common problems but rather we fight to defend our pre-conceived ideas and woe to the person who might slightly disagree. All of this has marginalized the body of Christ and separated us from those for whom Christ died and to whom we have been called to serve. May the Lord help us when our politics becomes more important than our faith.

  2. Jack Wagner

    Good Morning Pastor Rob: I want to tell you, your Blog, “I hate what politics is doing to our America” is absolutely “spot on”! Thank you for putting into words what my wife Lynda and I have been feeling about our country and the direction it seems to be going. As a former elementary teacher, I cringe to think of the example us adults are setting for our young people. We are the “grown-ups” but all too often act like the third graders on the playground who don’t know how to positively interact with others! I hope and pray God will get ahold of us and say”enough already you guys”! Just follow Me and My Word and all things will work to the good of all! So again Pastor Rob, Thankyou for saying it all so well! You have a gift of communicating so well to us all! Jack and Lynda Wagner Sent from my iPad



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