A Dozen Steps to a Mostly Dead Faith

  1. Only Pray when you need something.
  2. Only Worship on Sunday morning.
  3. Only Read your Bible when you are at a Bible Study (that your spouse or parent insisted you attend)
  4. Only Attend church if you are not working or on vacation or have a case of the sniffles or have tickets to a big game or it’s your favorite second cousin’s birthday party or your kid has a soccer game or a dance recital or you’re tired from a late Saturday night or you overslept because of Daylight savings time or there are snowy roads or wet roads or possibly snowy and wet roads or there is a guest preacher or your pastor is preaching on a topic you don’t like or you have nothing to wear or you are needing a “me” day.
  5. Only Sing when you have no choice.
  6. Only Give when you get something in return.
  7. Only Fast if you are on a diet.
  8. Only Serve when made to feel guilty.
  9. Only Speak well of people if you think your words might get back to them
  10. Only Pursue justice if it costs you nothing.
  11. Only Promote Unity if everyone else promises to think, vote, and agree with you.
  12. Only Share your faith… no skip that… never share your faith.

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