Old Testament Heroes’ Christmas Wish List

Even though many people in the Old Testament were religious, very few celebrated Christmas.  Even fewer Old Testament heroes wrote out a Christmas Wish List, but had they written out such a list of gift ideas, the following items might have been on it:

Adam: Snake Skin Boots

Noah: The book “How to talk to the Animals” by Dr. Doolittle

Methuselah: 969 Birthday candles

Job:  A rabbit’s foot or a four leaf clover

Abraham: “Canaan or Bust” Bumper Sticker

Sarah:  Pampers and Depends

Isaac: “My mom and dad are Ancient” T-Shirt

Mrs. Lot:  A rear view mirror

Joseph:  Dress pants to match a stylish multicolored coat

Moses:  101 Easy Meals with Manna Cookbook

Joshua:  Simon and Garfunkel’s Like a Bridge over Trouble Water CD

Delilah:  A Great Clips gift certificate

Goliath:  A rock proof helmet

David:  A lock for the roof top door

Solomon:  700 “Best Wife Ever” necklaces

Elisha: A year’s membership in Hair Club for Men

Nehemiah:  A wall sized mural of Artaxerxes

Jonah: Whale-sized antacid

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego:  Fire proof socks

Daniel: Lions season tickets

Those are just plain silly.  What’s not silly is remembering that Christmas is not about WHAT IS UNDER THE TREE.  Instead Christmas is still about WHO MADE THE TREES and yet WHO HUNG ON A TREE for you and me.  Christmas is still all about Jesus!


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