The Parable of the Farmer and his Barn

Once upon a time there was a farmer who had a huge field. In the spring as farmers normally do, he planted the field with many seeds. He anticipated a mighty harvest. While the farmer waited for his crops to grow, he decided that instead of twiddling his thumbs and counting days on the calendar until harvest time, he would use his time wisely and renovate his barn to store his soon coming crops.

Meanwhile the crops grew.

The farmer hired an architectural firm whose building plans were magnificent and he quickly took out a massive loan and hired a builder to complete the project for what he believed would be one of the finest barns in the land.

Meanwhile, the crops continued to grow and grow.

When the barn was completed, it was all the farmer dreamed it would be. The barn had enough storage facilities to hold the produce from his field and even the crops from his neighbor’s field should their barns not be adequate. On top of that, the barn was equipped with flat screen TVs running announcements for future events in the barn; and there were plenty of restroom facilities for anyone who might visit the barn; there were signs everywhere so no one would get lost while in the barn. It was a very impressive barn.

Meanwhile, the crops were ready for harvest.

The farmer was so impressed with his newly refurbished barn that he began to give tours. Some other farmers noticed his beautiful barn and they were a bit jealous. But the farmer told them, it is not good to be jealous—just be thankful for your own barn. “Not everyone can have a big and beautiful barn like my barn,” he smugly told them.

Meanwhile, no one was harvesting the crops.

A few people from the city inquired on whether he would rent out his barn for receptions, weddings and special occasions. “Of course,” the farmer said with pride. All the necessary contracts were signed so that the barn could be used for receptions and parties and all sorts of things. He started giving hayrides to families and youth groups and inviting children in for afterschool enrichment program on the importance of the harvest. The former farmer, now tour guide and wedding coordinator, was quite busy— in fact nearly every weekend there was some function going on at the magnificent barn.

Meanwhile, the crops rotted on the vine.

The barn was busy, it just wasn’t doing what it was designed to do and the harvest was never brought in.

The Point: Having a nice barn is great, but it is not the goal. Keeping the barn full of activities is ok, but it is not the goal. The goal is all about the harvest. Let’s be concerned with the harvest.

He who has an ear let him hear.

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