Ten Things I have NOT heard this winter in Flint, Michigan

10.  Spoken by the students of Genesee County:  “Hello, Mr. Principal.  I know it’s snowed all night but please don’t cancel school.”

9.  “I love having a salty film on my car.”

8.  “I’m thankful for potholes—they make me long for the heavenly streets of gold that much more.”

7.  “Let’s go to Chipotle after snow shoveling the driveway.”  (FYI–I am starting my own personal campaign to bring a Chipotle Restaurant to Flint).

6.  “Give me a Gold Medal—my car just did a perfect triple Lutz on I-475.”

5. “It’s all the way up to 30 degrees kids.  Time for shorts and flip flops.”

4.  “Why would anyone go to Florida when they can go ice fishing on Mott Lake?”

3.  “I’m going to miss these icy and freezing cold days this summer.”

2.  “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!”

1.  Spoken by the pastors in Genesee County:  “I love it that every Saturday night or Sunday morning we’ve had a snowstorm.  It does wonders for church attendance!”

The weather people are saying today will be another yucky, wintery, rainy, icy mix of precipitation and wind, but it’s only Thursday and Sunday is coming!  By Sunday the roads should be clear and our hearts ready for what God is going to do!

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