House Hunter (Preacher Edition)

I think I am going to pitch an idea to the people at the HGTV (Home and Garden).  It would be called House Hunters (Preacher edition).  The show would feature a (slightly prone to live in any place that has running water) pastor and his (slightly pickier) wife.  The pastor’s wife (who will remain nameless to protect the innocent or the writer of this article) prefers a house where the kitchen was designed by someone like Martha Stewart not Martha Washington.  There would not be a lot of action and adventure in this TV show— unless you count the times that this nameless pastor’s wife rolls her eyes and says, “A caveman would not live here.”   I’m not sure anyone would watch such a show—I just know after being in 27 houses in the last two months (but who’s counting) and looking at hundreds more on line I’m ready to put this phase of our life behind us.

We’ve been in houses that smelled so bad it would make a skunk run for cover.  Another house had water in the basement.  The house we were in last night had all of its copper pipes stolen.  (Good news: There isn’t water in the basement.  Bad News:  There isn’t water anywhere else either).  One house was owned by the Bishops (of Bishop Airport fame)— the price was sky high.  Another house in Flint was called “The Governor’s Mansion.”  I’m not sure if the governor ever lived there but I know you’d have to make the former Illinois governor’s salary (that is– salary plus illegal kickbacks) to heat the place in the winter.

Helpful people have informed us of different homes for sale in their neighborhoods.  We’ve been told everything from:

“It’s a beautiful home.  I think they are asking $399,000.”  (Obviously they don’t understand a pastor’s pay package.  We don’t get illegal kickbacks.  The Lord and the courts in Illinois frown on such things) to “The neighbors have bars on their windows but it’s a nice place.”  (Ummm… I think the former Illinois governor could say that about his neighbors in the state penitentiary).

All this to say “the Fresh Prince of Bristol” doesn’t need a castle—but a three-bedroom ranch would be nice.

I have looked to the Bible for help in our house hunting. 

Jesus’ story of the two houses in Matthew 7 reminded me that I should stay away from beachfront property during hurricane season (not a problem in Flint). Instead I should look for a house built on a rock—because even when it’s raining cats and dogs— the house stands firm.  Of course, our problem these days isn’t rain but snow.  Depending on the size of the rock on which the house is built, I’m not sure my car’s traction would get me up the icy and slippery rock’s driveway—which presents a whole other problem. That’s just plain silly. 

We all know Jesus wasn’t talking about house hunters in His story.  His lesson was for a greater purpose.  The point—wherever you live (in a shack or in a mansion) make sure you are well grounded in Him.  Our earthly home isn’t nearly as important as our eternal accommodations.  So pay attention to how you are building your life.

At this current rate, we may be looking for a house until Jesus returns (and then it won’t matter where we are living), still in the meantime I want to be building a life that is well grounded on Him.  I hope you are too!


3 thoughts on “House Hunter (Preacher Edition)

  1. rprince233 Post author

    I didn’t even notice that I still had the blog saying “Lenexa” Central pastor– I’m two months late in changing it– Better late than never!


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