Ten Indicators you are at a Bad Church Potluck

10.  While praying before the meal, the pastor asks the Lord for a “water into wine” type of miracle.

9.  Instead of rushing to the front, the Jr. High boys kindly  let the senior adults go before them in the food line.

8.  You aren’t colored blind but the colors are reversed– salads are brown and meat is green.

7.  Ambulances are in the church parking lot on “stand by.”

6.  Every desert includes coconut as an ingredient.

5.  The best cook in the church brings a tuna casserole.

4.  People are reminiscing about the tasty communion wafers they had in the worship service earlier that day.

3.  The deviled eggs taste like the devil made them.

2.  There is a sign posted on the door from the health department indicating people should “enter at their own risk.”

1.  The “salads” contain jello, cottage cheese, canned pineapple or worse– the toxic combination of all three items.


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