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Ten steps to a powerful movement to God.

Spiritual renewal with Dr. Dan Boone, Jon Nichols and the Woods Band is T minus 6 Days Away (there are also children’s workers and the pre-school and nurseries will be open).

Here are the steps for a great movement of God:

1.  Clear your calendar

2.  Plan on being at every service.

3.  Pray Samuel’s prayer: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

4.  Anticipate that God is going to speak directly to you.

5.  Sit down front (eliminate distractions)

6.  Sing every song, like you’re the only one in the room (hand raising is optional, but encouraged).

7.  Bring a Bible or have a Bible app open and ready. If you are a note taker, bring a notepad.

8.  Make a deal with God, if he speaks you will quickly move forward to an altar to pray.

9.  Make another deal with God, you won’t leave the altar until the matter with Him is settled.

10. Bring a friend (tell your friend to follow steps 1-10 too).

Imagine if every pastor, every board member, every Sunday School teacher, every small group leader, every musician, every singer, every usher, every greeter, every single person (man, woman or child) who calls Central Church “home” followed the steps listed above—we would have a mighty movement of God. 

It’s simple. 

Ten steps to a powerful movement to God.